September 18, 2013

He said Science Guy, not dancing guy

Ok, cut the guy a break. He's a science guy. And one of my favorites. But....I'm afraid he may be the first to go. HS Musical kid (all grown up!) looked amazing, as did my fav girl right now, Mercedes! Football guy is not going to follow in the dancing footsteps of his football predecessors.
Rambling thoughts here, and I'm sure that I will gain more focus as we go on. But here's where I stand right now:
1. I wanna hate Snookie but I find that she's not as awful as all the publicity made her out to be.
2. Amber Riley is an amazing performer...but we Glee fans already knew that.
3. I love you, Bill. But I believe this will be a short run for the science guy.
4. Valerie gets my love, my support, my admiration....but she shouldn't stay around long either if we're basing the voting on dance.
5. HS musical guy is all grown up now......just sayin
6. Gotta vote for the Doherty for obvious reasons but the flirting by new girl was over the top and creepy even if justified.

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September 17, 2013

Is this thing on? Fall preview version

Ok, so it's Fall and I'm anxiously waiting for something new to love. Having wrapped up Breaking Bad (for good!) and Newsroom (for the season...hopefully) I am now in Fall TV mode.

I'm looking forward to the last season of Glee no matter how sad that might be. New seasons of Bones, Castle and Parenthood.

New shows I'm going to keep an eye on - The Crazy Ones, Back in the Game, Sleepy Hollow and I'm sure there are a few others that I'm forgetting. Thank you HuLu for making sure I don't have to remember when things are on!

And most important...Doctor Who!!! Anniversary Special! Christmas Special! New Doctor!

So, not that anyone checks here after the year long dormant stage but I'm going to vent and rant here.

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